A Moment in Time…

A broken clock is correct twice a day. Donald Trump uttered something quite profound and revealing at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, when he was still trying to play it down: "This is just a moment in time..." This is actually a pretty good layperson's definition of trauma. When we experience an unnatural event... Continue Reading →

The Religious Fervor of Extinction Rebellion

XR UK's Red Rebel Brigade Since the successful publication of my paper “Climate Trauma: Towards a New Taxonomy of Trauma” in the peer-reviewed journal Ecopsychology, which has been viewed on-line over 15,000 times in more than 100 countries and 360 universities since its publication in the Spring of 2019, I’ve been actively conspiring with Extinction Rebellion... Continue Reading →


ARE YOU AN EARTH PROTECTOR? OR A WORLD DESTROYER?  HOW WE VIEW EARTH - OUR ‘WORLDVIEW’ - IS WHAT CURRENTLY SEPARATES THOSE WHO WOULD DESTROY HER FROM THOSE WHO ARE PROTECTING HER. By Zhiwa Woodbury (C) 2019 "We are in the midst of an epic contest between the rights of Mother Earth and the rights of corporations and... Continue Reading →

A Natural New Deal for Planet Earth

by Zhiwa Woodbury, M.A., J.D. With the birth of the Sunrise Movement in America, the emergence of Extinction Rebellion in UK and across Europe, and the catalyst of climate prodigy Greta Thunberg, whose superpower is her preternatural ability to speak truth to power, real honest-to-goddess solutions to the climate crisis are sprouting from the grass... Continue Reading →

Messy Truth & Meta-Reconciliation

"Last night's amazing aurora show over Senja, Norway, was nothing short of magical," reports photographer Adrien Mauduit on Nov. 11th, 2018. "During one outburst of lights, this image appeared. Huge colorful pillars took the shape of a fiery bird." With every bone of my earth-bound body, I am convinced that we are now at perhaps... Continue Reading →

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