Red pill or Blue Pill? We’re already living in the matrix, where the actions we take, and those we do not, are determining the world that will exist 40 years from now, and maybe forevermore. Just how is it that we find ourselves trapped in an ecocidal culture? And how do we awaken from this pervasive nightmare called The American Dream?

The Climate Crisis is a crisis of spirit first and foremost, and to resolve it (or survive it) will require a collective change of hearts and minds – one human being at a time at first, and then all at once. Ecopsychology is a Spiritual Psychology in the Service of Life. It may well represent the last, best chance for humanity to emerge spiritually from this spiritual emergency. Panpsychology is essentially ecopsychology grounded in panpsychism. As Carl Jung & Wolfgang Pauli first postulated, the world is psychophysical through-and-through. Our true salvation lies in engaged quantum social activism and the growing awareness that we are part of a living planet that is both sentient and far more intelligent than we are. We can tap into that higher intelligence. We must acknowledge Gaia’s sovereignty.

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