I am the first and the last.

I am honored and I am defiled.

I am holy to some and dead to others.

I am Virgin Earth and I am sacrificial lamb –

     I bleed oil, breathe fire, vomit plastic,

my body quakes in anger!

I am Mother of all, Destroyer of worlds,

Forgiving and relentless.

Fragile. Resilient.

I am the members of my family.

Barren, with many offspring.

I grieve the loss of my children,

Ivory billed or single horned,

In water, in air, on land and beneath.

All my children are related

    In equality.

I am awareness itself,

All conscious being 

    swims in my oceanic womb.

I am knowledge and ignorance…

    the silence that is incomprehensible

and the sentience that overcomes forgetting.

I am the voice whose sound is mellifluent

  the healing light, the radiant heart,

and the very cells of my body

  Cry out in despair.

My Children! My Children!

In my weakness, do not forsake me,

and do not be afraid of my power.

For I am she who exists in all fears

    and strength in trembling.

I am she who is weak,

    and I am fallen ill –

This pleasure palace cannot stand.

I am senseless, I am all wise.

Why have you conspired against me 

   in your counsels?

How can you profit

  off of my spoils?

Don’t you know that I am you?

Don’t you realize that we are dying??

Feel my pain now. 

It is no longer an abstraction,

   nor just a mental affliction.

Feverish, damaged lungs, 

 Filling with water, 

Heart breaking sadness.

I shall be silent among those who are silent.

And I shall appear and speak through

  those who are brave.

How have you warred with me?

Why have you forsaken your Mother –

Your life source. Psyche! Eros!

I am the one whom you have called Eve.

and now you have called Death…

You, Pluto. With uranium and plutonium,

  Draining my blood, gouging my lungs,

  Extracting my very bones for your

Apocalyptic funeral pyre,

  Upon which you sacrifice lambs and children.

You, PLUTO! 


Gaia, Perfect Mind!

I am the one whom you have pursued,

and I am the one whom you have seized.

I am the one whom you have scattered,

and you have gathered me together to exploit.

I am the one before whom you have been ashamed,

and you have been shameless to me…

I — I am godless,

   and I am Gaia.

I am the one whom you are awakening to,

  though you have scorned me.

I am the unlearned,

   and still the children learn from me.

I am the first peoples that you have despised,

   and you dishonor me by killing them that protect me.

I am the one whom you have hidden from for too long,

   and now you appear to me.

Now my time has come.

My children speak for me.

LISTEN! Listen to their voices.

Wherever you hide your self,

   there I will appear.

Whenever you appear,

  I myself will hide from you…

I am the power and the right.

I am the darkness and the light.

Now I enter into the midst of your prison,

    which is the prison of the ego,

 the great objectifier, that deadens.

And I say unto you:

“Whoever hears my voice,

 let them now arise from the Deep Sleep.”

This world is not inert, not lifeless matter,

and there are no things.

This world is consciousness first,

    in which Mother and Child are One and All.

All is relational. Come into proper relationship.

All Our Relations.

* * *

And Pluto wept, and shed bitter tears.

Bitter tears he wiped from himself, and he said,

“Who is this who calls my name?

and whence has this light come to me while I am in the chains

of this dark prison?”

And I, Gaia, said unto this broken and corrupted man child:

   “I am the intelligence of the Natural World, 

of life itself – your true Life Source;

And I am the memory and thought of 

   your own Human Nature…

Pure, luminous and aware.

A flame in the cave of your heart

that never is extinguished,

Rooted in me like a great tree.

I am the Tree of Life.

Arise and remember… 

and follow your root, follow your heart,

which is I…your Mother. 

Pachamama. Bhūmi. Gaia.

Now become aware 

of our deep and umbilical


Become Awareness in me!

And sin no more!”


(Adapted from “Thunder, Perfect Mind” from the Gnostic Gospels)

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