The Banality of Climate Change

“Banality” means that collective evils can be perpetrated without corresponding individual motives: "The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil... the phenomenon of evil deeds, committed on a gigantic scale, which [can] not be traced to any particularity of wickedness, pathology, or ideological conviction in the doer, whose only personal distinction was a perhaps extraordinary shallowness."


The climate crisis is being played out on the high seas. What can perhaps most accurately be described as a World War is currently raging in, and on, the oceans. A war that most of us have no idea is being waged in our name, let alone any appreciation of its far-reaching scope and fatal... Continue Reading →


This cognitive disorder that has us trapped in a time-warped, Fukushima-fueled death spiral - otherwise known as ever-accelerating, abrupt climate chaos, ocean graveyards, waves of refugees, and the Sixth Mass Extinction - has now metastasized culturally into a rather severe mental disorder, causing global-scale displacement and disruption of both natural and human systems, and spewing forth pervasive social pathologies masquerading as political debate and economic normality.

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