Quantum Ecopsychology: Healing Our Worldview

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.  On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.

~ Arundhati Roy

Reuter’s climate journalist Matthew Green is a leading proponent of “trauma-informed” journalism, and has almost single-handedly transformed the way Reuters News Service covers the climate crisis. The symbiosis of Matt’s trauma-informed approach with my own take on climate (biospheric) trauma generated this holistic discussion of our existential crisis and, more significantly, how a new world is already emerging, and how we as activated cells of Gaia’s immune defense system can see ourselves as quantum activists, with our inspired actions having non-local effects that, with increasing awareness, can collapse the wave of collective consciousness in salutary ways.

Please enjoy this conversation, which I’m so pleased to share with the world…

The Matthew Green Podcast

Also available on Spotify


  1. Thanks for this wonderfully knowledgeable interview! I’ve almost completed transcribing it so that I can study and learn the slippery concepts you have so clearly articulated.

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    1. You’re most welcome! Please do share your transcript with me — I’m old enough to forget what I say after awhile. Actually, this was recorded on the Summer Solstice, but not published till the winter solstice, and when I listened to it, I thought “wow – that’s more sense than I think I’ve ever made in one hour’s time!” Please send to zhiwa.woodbury@gmail.com – thanks!

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